With Love... for your feet


Hi. I am your average pair of feet. I carry your weight and travel over 100,000 kms every year. I sweat 10-15 gallons per foot a year. That is hard work, don’t you think? What I would love and appreciate is some kindness and care. After all, I do take your weight for an entire lifetime.


A comfortable pair of socks made from fine material would work wonders for me. You see, most companies I know claim their socks are “100% cotton”, but in reality they use yarns such as poly propylene, rayon and viscose. As you know, these are harmful to the human skin. I end up suffering from fungal infections, itching and foul smells, all because of poor quality yarn used in the socks.


In case, a person has high blood pressure or diabetes, these symptoms cause further complications. Yarns with lower grade and toxic colours worsen the problems. So what’s the solution?


I think there’s nothing better than well designed, top quality socks to embrace me and make me feel happy, healthy and secure. Like Vidhaan socks. They embrace my feet just the way I want them to, keeping me happy and comfortable.


Vidhaan socks understands feet like no one else does. Hence, they use the best quality cotton yarn to make sure the socks are completely comfortable and durable. They also innovate constantly and come up with special designs for the feet’s special needs.


FAQ’s: Feet Care:


FAQS ON SOCKS - thoughts for your feet !!!


Socks can make or mar the comfort of your feet. They are an important part of foot care, especially in a country like India, where we sweat a lot. Here are some questions that you might have.


1. What kind of socks is best for summer?


2. Can the socks be a style statement?


3. What is the right kind for long distance travel? How should the sock fit?


4. What are the best Running Socks? What should I look for while picking socks for daily running


5. I have very sensitive skin on the feet – what kind of socks should I wear?


6. What is the best kind of socks for my child?







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