The pioneers behind that comfortable pair


Allow us to introduce you to the gentlemen who played the all important hand in bringing a world of comfort to your feet.


Ram Vidhani

Founder and Chairman - Vidhani Group


Several decades ago, Mr. Ram Vidhani laid the foundation for the Vidhani Group of Industries. A true visionary, he was responsible for moulding and nurturing the various businesses of real estate, cinema and socks into successful brands, transforming each one into a force to reckon with, in its space.


He is currently the President of CO & EAI (Cinema Owner and Exhibitors Association of India) and the Vice President of FFI (Film Federation of India).


Jayesh Vidhani

CEO and Managing Director


Jayesh has been working in the socks industry since the beginning. He was the one who set up the manufacturing operations and consolidated the marketing and distribution of the company. His untiring efforts have helped establish VTPL as one of large suppliers to several of the volume retailers and brands in India. He is well networked with the buying community. Backed by a strong intuitive knowledge of the market, he has created a strong supply base of raw materials as well as contract manufacturers that support VTPL’s initiatives.


Jayesh is a part of the managing committee of CMAI (The Clothing Manufacturers Association of India) as well as a part of the Rotary International where he has held various senior level posts. Currently, he is the Assistant District Governor of the Rotary International District 3140.


Jasraj Vidhani

Joint Managing Director


Mr. Jasraj Vidhani is the Joint Managing Director of Vidhaan Socks and manages the real estate arm of the Vidhani Group of Industries.